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We developwebsites, software, media and apps


for worthy causes and initiatives.

Website Development

Why have just a website when you can have a tool specifically designed to help your organization thrive? We’ll design your website to effectively engage your visitors, as well as supply the features and functions that turn you and your organization into super heroes.

Apps and Software

We build software and web/mobile apps and create practical solutions that allow you to achieve optimal success without unnecessary compromise. Need affordable quality you can rely on? Our talented team of developers are ready to take on your project today.

Graphic and Media

In this digital age, video, graphics and multimedia presentations tell the stories that sell the big ideas. With CareShare, you will have a talented and highly creative team standing by to meet your immediate and ongoing needs. Allow us to create media for you that really makes your message pop!

Why Hire Us

You shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the quality of your software and design.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the best and most creative team possible without the traditional industry costs?

And wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually have a team of developers who genuinely care?

When you hire the CareShare team, you are not only getting top quality professionals to help you create the perfect solution for your objectives and needs, you are also supporting the development and operations of the OpenTree community development project.

What is OpenTree?

OpenTree is a free and open-source community platform that is being designed to unify community engagement, foster sustainability, and encourages collaboration in a vibrant, open-source movement. We’re creating a world where every interaction enriches our communities, fosters equity, and nurtures our planet. See more at

Who Are We

Founded by Robert Kuntz, a veteran tech professional and former c-level executive. Robert has been building software, websites and multimedia since the 1990s. After leaving Corporate America prior to the Pandemic, he’s traveled the country in a refitted school bus (skoolie) in search of the deeper meanings of life.

Working behind the scenes in the industry, he has come to realize how much of a negative impact unethical capitalistic driven technologies have effected humanity and our planet.

Today, Robert has joined forces with a talented team of developers in order to help develop technologies that change the world for the better.




Mission Objective

We at the CareShare Project believe that helping people and doing the right thing is not just a mission statement, rather for each and every one of us…it’s our individual responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure that humanity can uplift itself and overcome the enormous challenges that we face today. We at CareShare devote ourselves to upholding and carrying forward this mission. We hold steadfast to our commitment to making our world a better place for today, and tomorrow.

Because we are talented professionals who care, and we are sharing our skills, time and efforts to support projects that make a real difference in our world.

Let’s change

the world